Climate change poses a great risk to the planet, and to developing countries in particular, exacerbating socio-economic problems and increasing the threat of devastating impacts on populations.

Today, there is a growing sense of urgency about protecting vulnerable sections of society, key economic sectors, and critical infrastructure from climate change. Many African nations have to rise to the challenge of creating safeguards against climate change, while also preparing their economies to transition into and be competitive in a low-carbon future.

We understand the duality of this challenge in emerging economies, and have established a strong track record in both climate change adaptation, i.e. equipping countries to cope better, and climate change mitigation, i.e. reducing contributions to global warming pollution and creating more sustainable economies. We know how countries can harness the opportunities embedded in meeting the challenge, and how responses to climate change can also be leveraged to accelerate socio-economic development.

Our specialists provide consultancy and advisory services across the development value chain: thought leadership, policy formulation, strategy development, legal and regulatory analysis, financial structuring, institutional structuring, business planning, implementation support, stakeholder engagement, and capacity building.


As a least developed country striving to climb the development ladder, Malawi recognizes that climate change poses a significant threat to its economic growth trajectory, as well as its achievement of sustainable development goals […]


Shravya Reddy

Practice Lead