Resilience is the ability to survive in the face of stresses and shocks. It’s the capacity to thrive despite the risks of climate change, water scarcity, energy and food insecurity. Resilient communities, societies and economies are more able to adapt to change and emerge from disaster.

We partner with the public and private sector to enable them to act effectively and efficiently to build resilience. Our approach is multi-disciplinary and cross-sectoral, taking into account credible science, systems thinking, efficient and strategic resource management, people management, and institutional strengthening.

We engage with the underlying issues of equity and sustainability in natural resources and infrastructure development. We develop partnerships with key organisations. We have supported key global institutions involved in promoting water stewardship and managing corporate water risk, including UN Compact CEO Water Mandate, the World Economic Forum, WWF Freshwater Practice, the Water resources Group 2030 and the International Committee for Minerals and Metals.


Across Southern Africa, smallholder outgrower farmers are extremely vulnerable to climate change impacts, such as drought and floods. With climate projections forecasting extreme events such as flooding and longer dry spells […]


Dr Guy Pegram

Practice Lead