Transport is the lifeblood of any country’s economic growth, transporting workers, connecting communities, carrying commodities and creating access to opportunities.

Transport and mobility are essential catalysts for development. Effective transport systems can transform economies through enhancing connectivity and accessibility. But African countries, cities, and regions face critical transport challenges. We work across the continent to overcome these challenges.

Our transport practice empowers clients to develop and implement solutions to complex transportation requirements. We approach each requirement with a need to understand and contextualize socio-economic and environmental needs, with the aim of delivering innovative, practical, sustainable, and impactful transport solutions.

We assist clients and partners at all stages of projects in the transport sector, from conceptualisation and preparation, through to detailed planning and design, implementation, and operation.


Many African cities face rapid urban growth, and improving urban accessibility is critical in tackling this challenge, and facilitating sustainable and inclusive economic development. Acknowledging this fact […]


Dr Constantin Von Der Heyden