It’s the most critical resource on our planet and has become a commodity in demand.

Now more than ever, there is a drastic sense of urgency with the realization that it is a scarce natural resource. The way in which water is managed can either constrain or catalyse socio-economic development. The rapid rate of urbanisation and the need to support socio-economic development and ensure healthy eco-systems has increased the demand and access to water. It requires comprehensive, effective, and responsible water management.

Through our experience at local and international scales, we’ve developed a holistic understanding of managing water across the entire water value chain, so that people and businesses can use water productively, that water resources are used sustainably, and that people are protected from floods, droughts and other harmful aspects of water.

We partner with the public, private and civil society sectors, to enable the responsible use and management of water. This includes the optimum management of infrastructure assets required to ensure sustainable water use, including natural and constructed assets. Through our partnerships, we focus on providing and improving sustainable access to underserved and vulnerable communities.

We specialise in water stewardship, resource management, capacity development, stakeholder analysis, engagement and facilitation as well as providing support to water management institutions. Our footprint is largely in South Africa, continental Africa as well as other emerging economies across the world.


Water can catalyse or constrain growth, yet Africa’s water resources are most frequently transboundary in nature with major water resources contained within 63 basins and shared between 48 countries.  Developing water resources across the African continent is a vital part of the continued growth so desperately needed for socio-political stability […]


Derek Weston

Practice Lead