We are driven by the substantial impact that our work has on the lives of people on the African continent.

Our teams work daily on cutting edge developments and projects, often supporting key decision makers and clients to both respond to and solve critical challenges within a constantly changing global environment. The work is complex, demanding, dynamic, and interesting.

We bring answers to thought-provoking problems. We achieve this by providing thought leadership, innovation and direction through effective and empathetic engagement with stakeholders at all levels.

Our culture is grounded in giving our consultants the space and flexibility to take responsibility and become fully engaged with our projects. Your ability to bring energy and new thinking to these projects is what will be most valued at Pegasys.

Interested in joining our team? CONTACT US AT RECRUITMENT@PEGASYS.CO.ZA


We have a flat company structure with an open door/open office environment.

Junior and senior staff work together on the same projects at local, national or international levels. All our senior staff are expected to take on greater responsibility across projects due to their experience, knowledge, mentorship and industry expertise.

Where you fit in is dependent on your experience, learnings and exposure to the types of projects we undertake.


Career progression at Pegasys is based on performance. We pride ourselves on helping and empowering our people through informal support, coaching and mentoring throughout projects. Passion, intellect and imagination are keywords to a successful growth path at Pegasys. Do you have the IQ and EQ to take up this challenge?

Directors are responsible for the Leadership and Implementation of the Pegasys vision, values, philosophy and direction. They are also responsible for overall growth and management of our organisational strategy including corporate governance and CSR programmes.

Associate Directors are responsible for maintaining and growing areas of their practice. They are also responsible for multiple projects at any given time whilst growing and developing the staff required to deliver them. As part of their mandate, they need to maintain and develop strong relationships with leading clients within their sector of business expertise in order to keep abreast of developments.

Principals partner, guide and advise our clients in achieving their strategic goals. Principals are responsible for the delivery of entire projects and for managing the teams that produce them. They are also responsible for identifying and developing channels to support new projects.

Engagement Managers must project manage tasks and the deliverables that form part of a work stream including project, efficiency, viability, effectiveness, timing and budgets. They must also ensure that Pegasys products and services exceed the client’s expectations.

Consultants are responsible for analysis and research requirements in solving problems and working out how to best communicate and facilitate the agreed solution to our clients. Consultants need to be highly analytical with flexible skill sets that can be applied to multi-tiered challenges.

We have a range of different roles for Professional Support Staff. They provide critical links within the organisation, these roles involve finance, office management, project administration through to proposal development.