African cities are sites of both the continent’s greatest hopes and its most profound fears. In our cities we find innovation and resilience, entrepreneurial flair, and the determination to succeed.

But it is also in cities that we face the spectres of failing infrastructure, jobless population growth and a ravaged environment. The next decade is vital for African cities. We must address the underlying challenges – of governance and regulation, of infrastructure investment and financial management – or we will miss the transformative opportunities that urbanisation offers.

We partner with national and city governments, as well as international agencies, to create opportunities for resilience and growth in African cities.

Slide • Strategic advice to city governments for improved performance
• Regulatory reform that addresses development challenges
• Infrastructure investment planning for maximum sustainable impact
• Public transport planning and management for safe, efficient transport systems
• Land development and land-based financing that harnesses value for infrastructure investment
• Climate proofing cities to withstand expected climate events and shocks
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South African municipalities face a funding crisis. Their revenues from water and electricity consumers are dropping as citizens curtail their consumption. National fiscal constraints mean that there is less money available to allocate to local government for capital investment […]


Stephen Berrisford

Practice Lead