Derek Weston


Practice Specialisation: Water

Derek is an Associate Director, with some 25 years’ experience in the water sector. With a BSc Honours in hydrology, Derek spent much of his early career focusing upon hydrological modelling and the use of models for supporting management decisions. Derek joined the Department of Water Affairs in 1991 and, after a number of years working on water quality and resource protection related projects, he became a lead agent for the establishment of Catchment Management Agencies and Water User Associations. Through his work in DWA Derek championed the understanding of resource governance, as well as the critical importance of institutional and stakeholder processes within the sector. He was part of the team that led the initial thinking on Catchment Management Strategies and their content and structure.


Derek sees the critical role that water can play in changing people’s lives, and in his later years in DWA he managed a large donor-funded programme focused upon community development and upliftment via water-based projects.


Since joining Pegasys in 2008, Derek has worked on a wide range of water resource and institutional development projects, both within South Africa and internationally. Being practical in nature, Derek sees that in many instances that we need to pragmatically get on and implement policy, but he also sees that we need to rethink our water resource management paradigm.


Derek has extensive experience in policy development as well as implementation support and oversight. He has been very involved in processes of stakeholder identification, analysis and participation, as well as initiatives to build capacity within the water sector. Derek has considerable experience in project management and in leading, and working in, multi-disciplinary teams.


Pegasys  Executive Management (2011 – date)

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