We don’t just offer services, we provide holistic solutions. Our array of services enables us to add value at various levels and phases of the project.

Through an interdisciplinary lens, we rethink traditional approaches, and can adapt and innovate across our core sectors. Today’s challenges call for fresh perspectives, insightful strategies and pragmatic solutions.

Imagining resilient futures

Envisioning development strategies and investments that can withstand future uncertainty.

Unlocking economic value

Economic planning of natural resources and infrastructure that supports equitable development.

Shaping pragmatic policy

Analysing and formulating policy that balances aspirational political imperatives, the real needs of people on the ground and the actual capacity available for implementation.

Formulating realistic strategies

Helping government and business to prioritise action and channel resources to achieve clearly defined objectives and imperatives.

Creating innovative programmes

Designing effective programmes that balances the goals of the development partners with the local conditions in which they will be implemented.

Enabling robust infrastructure

Strategic planning to facilitate investment in a portfolio of infrastructure projects.

Rethinking innovative finance

Creating mechanisms to access new sources of public and private finance that enable efficient infrastructure development and resources management.

Negotiating sustainable transactions

Structuring, negotiating and closing development projects to ensure sustainability over the operating life of the investment.

Transforming service delivery

Changing the way public services are delivered to support inclusive growth.

Achieving adaptive learning

Designing and conducting monitoring and evaluation that drives ongoing learning to iteratively improve implementation and programme design.

Revitalising public institutions

Working with the public sector to strengthen the regulations, agreements and mechanisms that shape the way government carries out its mandate.

Cultivating dynamic organisations

Designing the structures, systems and staffing of public sector entities to ensure they effectively deliver on their mandates.

Forging effective partnerships

Bringing together public, private and civil society to jointly manage concerns and formulate solutions to their risks.

Strengthening vital capacity

Building critical capacity of government and its partners through improving the environment, resources, skills and networks.

Engaging essential stakeholders

Encouraging ownership and diversity of perspectives for decision-making on infrastructure and resource management.


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