Peter Koch

Associate Director

Practice Specialisation: Finance

Peter is an Associate Director at Pegasys. He qualified as a Chartered Accountant (CA) (SA) with PricewaterhouseCoopers and has fourteen years’ experience in development and the public sector. He has two honours degrees from the University of Cape Town, majoring in Finance and Accounting, as well as two degrees from Oxford University – the first a BA majoring in Philosophy and Economics and the second an MSc in Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management.


He specialises in determining the institutional, governance, organisational and financial requirements for the formation of government entities, and conducting risk assessments in relation to their establishment. In this regard he has participated in and led the production of a number of business cases, as well as their subsequent establishment, for entities such as government components, trading entities and public entities. His work has also required him to conduct extensive financial modelling for public sector institutions and in the area of setting of tariffs or charges.


Pegasys  Executive Management (2011 – date)

Peter is also the non-executive Deputy Chairperson of National Treasury’s Cooperative Banks Development Agency. His expertise in corporate governance has also been honed by conducting internal seminars on corporate governance developments, and by developing a governance assessment tool for Zambia’s water and sanitation utilities.

GMAT (General Management Admissions Test) Score: top 1% worldwide, 1997

Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford University, 1995

  • HOLLINGWORTH, B., KOCH, P.R., CHIMUTI S., and MALZBENDER, D. 2011. An investigation into the water infrastructure development financial allocation pathways in municipalities. Published report for the Water Research Commission, No TT 476/10.
  • KOCH, P.R., 1998. Masters Dissertation evaluating the impact of legislation enacted between 1994 and 1997 on the employment of farm workers in the Western Cape.