We are trusted advisors and partners to the public and private sector, supporting transformative development in emerging economies.

Our broad range of disciplines includes economics, business, engineering, law, finance, international relations, policy and science. Together we form a multidisciplinary team and bring our diverse skillset and experience to take on complex challenges facing the developmental sector.

We Connect the Dots

Through our work and using our experience, we make those vital intersectoral connections. Our work involves developing, structuring and managing public infrastructure and investments – we are involved in the entire value chain of public sector life. It is our knowledge of policy and legislation, strategy and business planning, project development and implementation that sets us apart and allows us to create long-term value for our clients.

We believe in doing consulting differently. Which means we build strong partnerships with our clients and put their needs first. We find innovative ways to solve their challenges and create bespoke solutions that meet their objectives. In this way, we’ve built lasting relationships with our clients based on trust, excellence and shared values.

Our diversified offering

Pegasys has two associate entities which provide differentiated and distinct offerings. Pegasys Capital Partners is the investment advisory and fund management arm, and Pegasys Institute is the not-for-profit organisation working in research and advocacy.

Pegasys Capital Partners

Pegasys Capital Partners is the investment advisory and management arm of Pegasys.


Pegasys Institute

The Pegasys Institute is a not-for-profit organisation working to find African solutions to African challenges. Our focus is on developing pro-poor solutions in countries with inadequate capacity, limited information and constrained resources. We work with the Pegasys group to answer questions that are yet to be identified, and through them generate ideas; research; advocacy; policy and strategy.



We don’t just offer services, we provide holistic solutions. Our broad range of services enables us to add value at various levels and phases of the project. Through an interdisciplinary lens, we rethink traditional approaches, and can adapt and innovate across our core sectors. Today’s challenges call for fresh perspectives, insightful strategies and pragmatic solutions. READ MORE.


We exist to change the world for the better, by helping to solve some the most pressing developmental and environmental challenges of the 21st century. READ MORE


We are driven by our values. We strive to reflect those values and ideals in the work that we do. And while our work predominantly looks at broader institutional and infrastructure development, we are also tackling the grassroots issues on the ground. READ MORE


Pegasys staff are bound by a shared value system, and come from all walks of life. Through diverse backgrounds and skillsets, the culture is enriched with the sense of learning, curiosity, debate, knowledge and problemsolving. READ MORE


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