Barbara Schreiner


Water and Climate

Executive Director of the Pegasys Institute

Barbara is a Director at Pegasys and the Executive Director of the Pegasys Institute. She has an MPhil in Environmental Science from the University of Cape Town (awarded with distinction). She is an experienced manager with highly developed strategic leadership and communication skills, and expertise in policy, strategy, natural resources regulation and management, public sector institutional arrangements and organizational design, public sector financing, and monitoring and evaluation. She has worked in the fields of water, energy, and climate change, and at senior management level in the public, private and NGO sectors. She has practical experience in the translation of policy and legislation into implementation, and has led several projects on organizational design and institutional arrangements. She has written extensively on issues of water governance and management, gender and poverty.


Pegasys Executive Management (2009 – date).

Barbara is currently a Board Member of the International Water Management Institute and is a Board member of the Challenge Programme on Water for Food. She is a member of the Global Water Partnership Committee, and a member of the CGIAR Aquatic Agricultural Systems Programme Oversight Panel. She is also an ex-Chairperson of the Water Research Commission of South Africa. Barbara has considerable experience in managing multi-disciplinary project teams.

She has written widely on water issues and has, most recently, co-authored a book with Prof Rashid Hassan on implementation of water policy in South Africa. She has also written widely on the subject of gender, water and poverty.
Some publications include:

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