Social Investment

We are driven by our values. We strive to reflect those values and ideals in the work we do.

While our work predominantly looks at broader institutional and infrastructure development, we are also tackling the grassroots issues. As a corporate citizen, we create sustainable impact in our professional capacity, and our CSR initiatives allow us to contribute in our personal capacity. Pegasys directors also provide support in their professional areas of interest and expertise in specific ventures on a pro bono basis.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy aims to:

  • Create an impact on local communities on an ongoing basis
  • Leverage the skills of our staff in a more personal way
  • Provide an opportunity for us to develop innovative solutions relevant at the grassroots level

We have three CSR initiatives that we are involved in:

Ncedolwethu Educare centre – developing structural support and solutions for low cost water usage and storage. Staff have also planted vegetable gardens, painted the building structures and hosted events for the centre.

Makekeng Primary School – building classrooms and capacity, training and business planning, as well as sponsoring uniforms and books.

Tom Queba Memorial Fund – establishing a fund which provides scholarships to black South African females at the tertiary level, with preference given to students from disadvantaged backgrounds.


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